CTI B-R-Piep beep brake and reverse light + beeper
CTI B-R beep switching module for brake light and reverse light and reverse beeper.

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CTI B-R-Piep switching module for brake light and reversing light and reversing beeper.

The B-R-PIEP is looped into the receiver line to the speed controller. So it works parallel to the speed controller and no additional channel is necessary. Also no Y-cable is necessary, for this a 3 pin header is available on the B-R-PIEP. At standstill the brake light is now controlled, but only for a maximum of 8 seconds. If the driving stick is now deflected forward or backward, the brake light goes off. If the driving stick is moved back to the center, the brake light comes on again and goes off again about 8 seconds later.

When reversing, the reversing light comes on. In addition to the light, the built-in beeper sounds with a beep interval of about 0.7 seconds. Special highlight, the 2-wire connection! Only a thin two-wire strand is needed to connect the 4 LEDs. To distinguish the light control between brake light and reverse light the diode function of the LEDs is used. The LEDs "only" have to be connected to this two-wire strand the right way round. This saves a lot of cable tangle.

It is also not necessary to distinguish between red and white LEDs and no series resistors are required for the LEDs. The current limitation is done on the B-R-PIEP.

Technical data

  • Power supply: from the receiver via the servo cable
  • Loudness: 85 dBA/10cm
  • LED current: max. 4*25mA electronically controlled
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