FineScale door locking rods (1 pair = 2 rods, for M0,6)
The COMVEC miniature rotational lock system in 1/14.5 provides an accurately scaled and yet stable replica of a espagnolette locking system for doors of e.g. containers, swap bodies or trailers. Through an arbitrary length of the locking rods the system can be fitted to almost every model.

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The model

This custom-fit door locking system can be used for many models at scale of 1/14.5 to 1/16. The COMVEC door locking system is similar to regarding  the original all functioning. Each rod can be turned separately after unlocking the safety latch of the rotary lever. By rotating the lever  by 90°, the rod mounted hook slides off the container-mounted hook holders and allows opening of the door.

In particular, the intricately crafted hooks and bearing blocks  of the pivot rod  made from nickel silver  increases the value of each container or trailer model optically. In order to perfect the detailing, all casted parts are mounted with M0,6 mounting hexagon bolts with spanner width 1mm. These screws and nuts can be optionally added to your model. The length of the M0,6 screws can be selected from 3mm to 6mm. Please note that about 1.5mm of the screw length is needed for the nut and the castings. With a 6mm bolt the door / frame therefore must not be thicker than  4.5mm.

Product variant: Raw parts

In this variant you get all castings on a sprue. The stainless steel rods are lengthened to approximately 185mm (or longer). For assembly, all parts must be finished and the holes for fastening the castings on the container / door must be drilled by using the enclosed drilling template.

Product variant: Fully assembled

In this variant we offer a fully built up, hard soldered door locking system, customized to your measurements! For production we require the dimensions A and B according to the drawing. The holes for fastening the castings on the container/door must drilled by yourself by using enclosed drilling template.

Material composition

  • Stainless steel rods
  • Alpaca (nickel silver) precision castings
  • Optional: Brass screws and nuts

Suggested tools needed for the assembly

For the product variant "Raw parts" we recommend the following tools:

  • Side Cutters / Hacksaw
  • File / Sandpaper
  •  (Hard)Solder or 2 component glue
  • M0,6 / SW 1 screwdriver
  • Drill 0,7mm
  • Drill 2mm

For the product variant " Fully assembled " we recommend the following tools:

  • M0,6 / SW 1 screwdriver
  • Drill 0,7mm

Scope of delivery

Note: M0,6 screws and nuts must be ordered separately! A total of 34 screws + nuts are required.

A total of 2 door locking systems. One for the left and one for the right door:

  • 2 pieces rods
  • 2 pieces lever
  • 2 pieces lever basis
  • 2 pieces lever security latch and basis
  • 4 pieces hook
  • 4 pieces hook holder
  • 4 pieces bearing block large
  • 2 pieces bearing block small
  • 1 piece drilling template
  • 1 piece mounting instruction

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