Hydraulic pump 240 ml in vehicle tank (long), black
This compact hydraulic pump unit is ideally suited for 1:14-1:16 scale truck models.

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This hydraulic pump unit consists of a pump, hydraulic tank and integrated pressure relief valve. All components are integrated in one unit and visually modeled on a vehicle diesel tank. The gear wheels of the pump are made of steel, a Faulhaber bell-type armature motor (high efficiency, high power and very low current consumption) provides the drive. The housing is made of black anodized aluminum. The pump is supplied assembled with cables and interference suppression kit.

Technical data at a glance:

  • Tank length: 105mm (for halfpipe tippers.)
  • oil volume: approx. 110 qcm
  • Motor: 12V
  • Pressure: 12bar
  • delivery volume: approx.240 ml/min
  • current consumption: 1,4A
  • Dimensions of the pump incl. motor: 23 x 23 x 76 mm
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