Roxxy LiPo battery EVO 3S 2200mAh 20C

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ROXXY  EVO LiPo batteries - More power, more capacity!

The ROXXY EVO battery series offers an above-average voltage curve, even at high load currents, noticeably more "pressure". The capacity under load, and the total number of cycles of ROXXY EVO battery is extremely high. Furthermore, the ROXXY characterized-EVO line by smaller dimensions and lower weight, while high C-rate. The unique ROXXY BID chip technology for ease of use on POWER PEAK chargers is in almost all ROXXY integrated as standard EVO battery.

BID system =B atterie- ID entifications system.

Each battery is assigned a small, lightweight BID chip, which stores all relevant data of the battery for optimal and safe loading / unloading. To be charged or discharged, the BID chip and the battery with a BID battery charger to be connected. Now the BID system the POWER PEAK ® are BID charger from the correct parameters.

The following load settings are stored in the BID chip / key:

  • Battery type (NC, NiMH, Lilo, LiPo, LiFe, lead)
  • Cell count
  • Battery capacity
  • Charge current
  • Discharge
  • Date (eg first start-up.)
  • Delta Peak termination voltage
  • shutdown

The following data is stored with each loading process in the BID chip / key:

  • Currently charged capacity
  • Currently discharged capacity
  • Maximum charged capacity
  • Maximum discharged Kapzität
  • Number of charge cycles

All to any batteries of different manufacturers with the ROXXY ® BID chips are equipped (# 308472).


1 ROXXY LiPo battery Evo 3-2200 20 C with BID chip
1 Manual

Technical specifications:

  • Width : 33 mm
  • height : 23 mm
  • Length : 107 mm
  • Weight : 0.174 Kg
  • capacity in mAh: 2200
  • Number of cells Battery: 3
  • rated voltage V: 11.1
  • discharge current in A: 44
  • Charging current: 2C
  • Instantaneous current for 5 sec. in A: 88
  • charger Balancer connection: EH
  • discharge in C: 20

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