Servonaut Programming CARD

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  • Servo tester, receiver tester and Servonaut programming card.
  • Servo tester: This can be used to check the function of a servo and the function of a linkage in the model without having to set up a complete remote control.
  • Receiver tester: Displays the received pulse width by means of a light-emitting diode band.
  • Setting aid for servo car assemblies with CARD interface:
  • Universally usable also for future assemblies due to exchangeable plug-in menu cards - Look for ProgCARD logo on products.
  • picture shows Servonaut CARD with inserted programming card for TRIM
  • Dimensions (mm): 83x58x7
  • Attendant needed for Servonaut TRIM

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  • Item weight: 0,04 kg
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