Servonaut SM7 Truck sound module
Servonaut SM7 Truck sound module

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Servonaut SM7 Truck sound module

  • Sound module for truck models - successor of the proven SMX, significantly reduced in size
  • Dynamic turbocharger sound in a class of its own - even closer to the original
  • Driving situation dependent engine sound with turbocharger
  • Ignition, starter and shut-off sounds, reversing warning Sound
  • 5 Truck fanfares, compressed air sounds, Martinshorn
  • 5 engines: Actros V6, Scania V8, TGA inline 6-cylinder, DAF inline 6-cylinder, Scania inline 6-cylinder.
  • Multi-channel sound Synthesis
  • Turbocharger, compressed air, warning tone and switching noises can be set and turned off separately via Servonaut CARD (available as an accessory)
  • Switching sounds and warning tone with K15/30/40/60, reversing warning tone and brake-synchronous compressed air also available with M20+/M24 and S20/S22, function limited with speed controllers from other manufacturers
  • actuation of starter and fanfare optionally via switch inputs (multiswitch) or one receiver channel
  • Sound module can be connected directly to a power take-off or actuator motor to simulate a power take-off Sound
  • Small separate volume control ideal for hidden mounting on the model
  • For 7.2V to 12V loudspeakers from 4 ohms
  • Power supply from the drive battery
  • With battery plug (suitable counterpart is BECB)
  • Combinable with SM+ for additional sounds
  • Optional tone control SM-EQ available as accessory
  • Dimensions approx. 65 mm x 35 mm x 12 mm

Important: If you do not have a Servonaut speed controller or a Servonaut controller in combination with AIR4, be sure to order the SYBlock servo Y-cable as well! Exception: For the combination with M24 speed controller and AIR4 no additional cable is necessary.

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