Twistlock 1/14.5
This fully functional twistlock is made in scale 1/14.5 as a nickel silver precision casting.

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This full-featured, true-to-life twistlock is designed in scale of 1/14.5. According to the real-life model, the pin of this twistlock can be completely retracted in the housing (retractable twistlock) and fixed in the end positions with the locknut, as required for trailers in Europe.

In detail, the twistlock consists of a cast housing, a pin with locking ring, a guide bushing, an outer bushing and a locking nut. All free-form parts of the retractable twistlock are made of nickel silver using a precision casting process.

For mounting, the housing has an M3 thread on the back and fits perfectly with the corresponding crossbar. Alternatively, a mounting by soldering or gluing is possible. Included in the scope of delivery are all parts for a twist lock as blanks on the cast iron, as well as assembly instructions with dimensions for positioning multiple twistlocks for common container sizes such as 20ft or 40ft.

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