X-BEC 5,5V 3A

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CTI X-BEC - small and cheap

To achieve more power and faster response times with servos, many modelers use 5 instead of 4-cell receiver batteries.
Unfortunately, this often leads to servos or even receivers breaking down when the battery is fully charged.

Switched BEC output voltage 5.5 V

The X-BEC can be operated with 5 to 20 cells (input voltage!) and supplies a continuous current of 3 amps.

The output voltage is supplied with 5.5 volts as standard.
Please note that an incorrect output voltage can destroy your receiver, servos and connected controllers. So check before connecting to a receiver, controller, servo ect. for which voltage these are max. approved!

The X-BEC is also short circuit proof!
It is also possible to connect several X-BEC's with identical desired voltage in parallel to multiply the maximum current.

Mass: 30 x 20 x 10 mm
Weight: 12 gram

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