To miniaturize real machines to the last detail and..

    to achieve the same performance in a model with full functionality..

    which sets the benchmark so far,
    this is our passion.


    To miniaturize real machines to the last detail and to achieve the same performance in a model with full functionality, which sets the benchmark so far, this is our passion.

    They believe is impossible? Well then you convinced yet of our product range. Turn dreams into reality, we have set ourselves the goal.

    With the establishment of the PREMACON GmbH in the year 2011, we laid the foundation for a new generation of functional models.

    Through the acquisition of Osswald modeling and Liebherr models, we have a wide range of products from the beginning, which is unique in this form.

    We build on licensing partnerships amongst the most prominent manufacturers of construction machinery and commercial vehicle industry. Our models have been consistently developed and licensed with the manufacturers.

    The three heads of the management PREMACON complement one another perfectly with your know -how and skills .

    Berthold Osswald , the founder of " Osswald & Michalik " as a certified Master Precision Engineering with distinction , his immense knowledge about production methods and the very well-equipped machinery , lays the foundation for a solid and durable models which leave no wishes unfulfilled . He runs the local production and ensures smooth operations at maximum efficiency.

    Hans Werner Bush, the " financial strategist " of the company , is responsible for the purchasing and sales . He has extensive knowledge and experience from years of his own independent management . He is testing all new developments on longevity and performance.

    Frank Hager is responsible for the development, marketing and strategic development of the company. Through his main occupation in the management of a company, he brings this premium with the ideal conditions . He builds the prototypes and developing and testing these for production.

    However, what differentiates us from most manufacturers is that we do not just build and sell the products, but also for yourself to "play" and test. We know our products inside and out, know the limits and can therefore advise better and more targeted.

    The three of us together the passion in modeling and the opportunity to live a dream in the form of PREMACON.

    You as a customer to benefit from high detailed models with a unique performance that are developed and manufactured by professionals for professionals.

    For us, the term "Made in Germany" seal of approval still.

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