CTI Servo Actuator Travel-Tip-Delay

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CTI Servo Actuator Travel-Tip-Delay

Universal servo controller module with combinable functions and 2 setting pots.

  • The left potentiometer can be used to set a travel limit.
  • Turning to the right results in a larger total travel, turning to the left results in a smaller total travel.
  • The right potentiometer can be used to set the positioning speed.
  • Turning to the right results in higher speed, turning to the left results in lower speed.

The ServoSteer travel-tip-delay can be operated with receiver connection as well as switchable module e.g. at a PS4x.

Application with servo cable/receiver connection:

  • The ServoSteer travel-tip-delay is plugged into a free receiver channel.
  • The servo runs to the left as long as the corresponding transmitter lever is operated to the left, maximum to the left zero point.
  • The servo runs to the right as long as the corresponding transmitter lever is actuated to the right, maximum up to the set travel limit.
  • If the transmitter lever is released between the two end positions, the servo immediately stops in the current position (tip operation), e.g. for raising/lowering a shovel or cannon.
  • If a simple on/off switch is used in the transmitter instead of the transmitter lever, then the servo runs at the set speed from zero to the set end point when switching, and vice versa.
  • Typical applications: Natural on/off operation of a landing gear in an airplane, unfolding of a loading ramp ...

Application as a switching function without separate receiver connection:

  • The module is supplied normally with 5Volt on red/brown.
  • The orange stranded wire is disconnected from the servo connector and can be controlled with a usual switch module, PS4x.. or Nauticmodul... (minus active input)
  • With this you could e.g. control four different servo movements with one channel via a PS4a in a targeted, precise and true-to-life slowed down way.
  • For all movements the servo speed can be adjusted with the right potentiometer from 0 to 8 seconds for the total travel.
  • The servo is plugged into the servo controller travel-tip-delay according to the printed colors.
  • Due to the universal application possibilities, the servo controller "Way-Tip-Delay" replaces the servo controllers "Slow", "Fast" and "Tip".
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